Blighty Giving – what’s it all about?

We in the UK live privileged lives, and this is nothing to guilty for! (Our circumstances are half chance and half choice) We can take our privilege with responsibility, and choose to recognize how much we can assist the rest of the world.


Why the commonwealth?

The commonwealth is an under-used and under-valued political structure that can facilitate equality and develop from diversity. We want to be part of making that happen, to make the commonwealth a better place.


Why should we give?

This isn’t about assuaging western-guilt for the past, this is about taking responsibility for where we are now and what we can do with it. We believe that making effective personal change truly is possible, and so it’s down to us to facilitate that.


What do we support?

To para-phrase the values of the commonwealth:


…learning from each other as people and cultures.


…acceptance, safety, resources and opportunity for all.

Sustainable Development

…for the assured prosperity of all people.

Raising Up Smaller Voices

…for everyone to be heard in a democracy.